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SOLIDWORKS Using the built in graphics card VS secondary Nvidia card

Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on Dec 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by Ken Maren

I am having a unique problem I have 3-4 Computers that are all having the same issue.

Where SOLIDWORKS RX is only recognizing the onboard graphics card and not seeing/using the secondary K1100M Card.

I have manually updated the drivers from the SOLIDWORKS Website. I have played around with disabling the card in the device manger but after a restart the computer, the card is re-enabled. Though I would prefer not to do this. and the change doesn't seam to stay

Has anyone else come across this issue? My Computer Specs are below.

  • HP G2 15 Labtop
  • Windows 7
  • SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP 3
  • Nvidia K1100M (Driver installed: