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Cutting along helical sweep with curve driven pattern

Question asked by David Neff on Dec 28, 2016

How can I do a curve driven pattern for cuts along this flat helical sweep?  I have extruded the sweep below and want to cut into equally spaced segments; lots of them..1.PNG

I am not able to use curve driven pattern to cut my pieces (I really want to though), I have resorted to using a Linear Pattern sketch and Extrude Cut.  However since the intention is to place bodies on either side of those cuts (using curve driven pattern)...the linear pattern does not yield uniform results and I cannot compete my pattern.


The end goal is to have a DNA type helix with these simple bodies placed tangent to the curve of the helical surface with a break in the surface between the bodies. I'd love to do this with curve driven pattern of one set; body-cut-body