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have you used infinitydraw redline with PDM?

Question asked by Steve Balwiski on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by Piotr Adamowski

Wanted to share my experience with inifinitydraw so far, and ask if anyone here had any other pros/cons to add to my list?

Just got infinitydraw implemented at my company, so far so good. We have PDM and it works well with it, and honestly it's a thousand times better than what we used to do which was printing off drawings on paper and marking them up by hand with a red pen.


I've made a pros-and-cons list here for anyone else interested in implementing it, overall I'm very satisfied and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their engineering department's communication or just save some trees and make your manager's life easier at the same time.



-Very easy to install and setup on a network

-Hyper-simple (is that a word?) redlining and markups of anything from eDrawings to DraftSight to SOLIDWORKS using digital ink

-Nifty communication bookmark automatically pops up on any part/drawing that has a redline attached to it

-Managers can use  eDrawings to markup (so they don't take up a seat of SolidWorks to do redline reviews)

-Works well with PDM, even has a nifty "stop workflow" ability which will not allow a file to transition if there are active redlines for that part (e.g. makes sure the drafters fix all changes before it allows the file to be "sent for approval")

-Support for Wacom tablet and Microsoft surface, if you have one of those



-No API support, you can not customize it to your liking, you'll have to make due with it's out-of-the box features

-No network licensing, you can't share a license between computers

-You need a decent quality mouse for your computer, I use the Logitech G602 which cost me $40 and is well worth the money, it writes beautifully in infinitydraw and I've had no trouble with jitters as others have mentioned

-Their website is hard to find on google, fyi it's in case you can't find it on google

-Not many VARs sell infinitydraw at the moment, I don't know if they just don't know about it, but if you get the chance ask your VAR to carry it because it's a good product and addition for all PDM users



What are your thoughts? Did I miss any pros or cons? What are your experiences app using infinitydraw at your company and PDM? These are just my initial experiences, I'll keep testing it out and let you know how it goes.