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How to conduct a flow Simulation of a microthrust nozzle

Question asked by Huichen Zhang on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Siavash Khajehhasani


I am planning to conduct a flow simulation on this nozzle. The boundary condition is, the left lid will be reservoir pressure with the value of 5 bar, and room temperature. The right lid will be atmospheric pressure with value of 1 bar, room temperature. The desired simulation outcomes should be, the density of fluid at outlet, the exit pressure, the mass flow rate. With these outcomes, I will be able to calculate the force that this nozzle can provide.


However, I have encountered a few questions while doing this simulation.

First question is, I am not sure whether the boundary condition is correctly defined. Because with this boundary condition, at the exit, the pressure will be atmospheric pressure and it doesnt give me exit pressure.

Second question, how to get the density of fluid at outlet? The goals settings can only set max or min of density of fluid.

Third question, when I am running the simulation, it doesnt show the colorful graphs of pressure, density the simulation goes. How can I fix that?


If these questions are confusing, I could probably just shorten them down to one question, how to get the simulated nozzle thrust force with pressures at two boundaries known?


Thank you very much!