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    Simulation Worker Agent always Inactive, does someone have the same issue?

    Darko Tafuri

      After installing S. SIM Worker Agent.

      I click on ACTIVATE but the status is always on INACTIVE.


      CHECK PROCESSES: All working and admitted by the firewall

      Just remaines inactive.

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          Jay Seaglar

          This is a known issue affecting some systems with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP0 or 2017 SP1:


          SPR 995040 - "Machine specific: Simulation Worker Agent dialog status does not update after click on 'Activate Worker Agent' (Intel MPI service starts but UI indication of status is unreliable)"


          This issue will be resolved in the upcoming release of SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP2.


          WORKAROUND for 2017 SP0 & SP1:

          1. Click on 'Exit' in the 'SOLIDWORKS Simulation Worker Agent' dialog if it is open.

          2. Launch the 'SOLIDWORKS Simulation Worker Agent'.

          3. If you see button 'Activate Worker Agent', click on the button once, then click on 'Exit'. If you see button 'Deactivate Worker Agent', skip to step 5.

          4. Launch the 'SOLIDWORKS Simulation Worker Agent' again and you should see text 'This computer is an active worker agent now' at the top of the dialog. The button text should now appear as 'Deactivate Worker Agent'.

          5. To confirm the status of the service, in the Windows Start Menu Search bar, type ‘View local services’ and click on the ‘View local services’ item to open the Management Console Services (Local) view. You can click on the ‘Name’ column to sort alphabetically and easily locate ‘Intel(R) MPI Library Hydra Process Manager’ in the list. You should see ‘Running’ or 'Started' in the ‘Status’ column. You may need to press the F5 key on your keyboard or use ‘Action’ > ‘Refresh’ to update the status.


          If you observe different behavior or have any other issues, please be sure to contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR) to troubleshoot. To get the most efficient help possible, send your VAR a SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture with video that shows the behavior.