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Radeon Pro 400 series and Solidworks compatibility

Question asked by Jorge Rui Silva on Dec 22, 2016

Has you may or not may  know, Apple has recently released a new product for is MacBook Pro line...

This new computer has now a "Pro" graphic card. Something like a Nvidia quadro, it is the same has the former ATI Fire GL (this brand has changed to Radeon Pro on last July, if my memory serves me well).

I'me a long Apple computer user, running Solidworks via bootcamp ( for some of you who don't know is a dual boot configuration, that makes possible running windows natively has in a comum pc can run unix via dual boot config.) But when I saw this Macbook configuration,  contrary to major tech blog's are saying, I thought "At last a apple computer that is similar to a CAD mobile workstation"

But what's the problem, you may ask? The problem is that Solidworks does not identify this Radeon Pro has a card capable of running Solidworks to it's full, more precisely getting graphic hardware acceleration and get features like RealView... Any one know if is solid works fault or AMD fault for not giving support ? The hardware is capable and compared to a quadro M2000m

Thanks in advancer of any insight you may give me on this.