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Bend Allowance Table Has Me Stumped.  Warning Goes Away If You Open And Close Sheet Metal Feature After Its Created

Question asked by Kyle Blough on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by James Cetrangelo

I am having difficulty trying to work the last bug out of my bend allowance table, but I cannot solve the last one.


When I insert the gauge table into the base flange and select the gauge, everything is selected correctly.  The command finishes without errors, and you can move on to say edge flanges, sketch bend, etc.  Once you finish that command, and there is no errors and you can continue modeling without errors while rebuilding.  The problem comes in when you go to create the flat pattern.  As soon as the flatten button is toggled, it is flagged with the error "Thickness of the bend fell outside of bend...".  If you refold the part, the errors go away upon a rebuild and does not come back until you flatten the part again.


Here is where I am stumped.  While in the flatten command and I open the sheet metal feature in the tree, then hit the check (Open and close, no editing), the problem is solved.  After that, the problem will no longer be an issue and does not appear again.  As for if it is just my computer part, no, this is happening on 4 other computers using the same table.


Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


Thanks any help I can get,