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Is there any way to force suppress some features?

Question asked by K. V. on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Craig Schultz

Is there any way to force suppress some features? I have some problems keeping certain features (Mainly folds and unfolds, but also a cut extrude in some cases) supppressed when said to suppress. Driveworks shows me they get suppressed succesfully, but after it's all done saving the files i still have to suppress certain features.


Redesigning is something i am considering (Perhaps an wrongly placed feature of some sort), but before i do so i wanted to see if someone knows another solution to this problem. Hoped there was a way to Force Suppress the features, but haven't had many luck finding something like this (Even doubt if it exists )


If anyone could think of a better solution then redesigning the part, that would be really appreciated!




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