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Limit Angle mate behaves like a spring in motion analysis

Question asked by Nick Arthur on Dec 22, 2016

I have a linkage that I would like to carry out a motion analysis to compute displacements at joints that can eventualy be used to calculate motor torques etc. My current line of thinking is to use a path mate motor to drive the entire linkage, and then extract displacments at each joint. The linkage is contained in a flexible subassembly.

The section I am having trouble with is effectively a 'concertina', that is 10 links that have a rotational degree of freedom in a single plane. I have mated each link using a hinge to keep the number of mates to a minimum. I have also constrained the travel of each link using a Limit Angle mate at each joint, as the hinge limits are not honoured in motion analysis. The problem is that the limit angles seem to make the linkage behave like a spring i.e. return to the zero angle position with no external force applied. Is this normal behaviour? Any suggestions for workarounds?