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PhotoView 360 network rendering confusion..

Question asked by Milenko Ritan on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Milenko Ritan

After having calculated basic motion in SolidWorks, I wanted to render the animation in PhotoView 360 using network rendering help. So, I set up a network render client on my other machine, which is at least 50% as powerful as my main machine, in order to speed up the rendering process. When I started the rendering process, I noticed the PhotoView showing that one network render client is claimed, and also, I ran task manager on my other machine and, indeed, noticed 100% CPU usage.

But, what I've also noticed is there aren't any blue squares which would represent what my other machine is rendering. There are only orange squares, which I believe are the ones my main machine is currently rendering. In comparison, I also rendered an arbitrary SolidWorks window in PhotoView over network, and indeed noticed blue squares showing up, alongside orange ones, which definitely shortened the rendering time.

Now, my question is, is it normal for blue squares not to show up in the process of animation rendering, or they should show up regardless of whether a single SolidWorks windows is being rendered or an entire animation?


Here is the illustration of what the rendering looks like (animation rendering on the left side and single SW window rendering on the right side, one network render client claimed at both rendering processes):