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Enterprise PDM Pro: When Using Pack and Go Error when opening files

Question asked by Robert Chase on Dec 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2017 by Robert Chase

Since we upgraded a year ago to SW and Enterprise PDM 2015 when we do a pack and go on an assembly we get errors when we try to open the files. When you pack and go the assembly it doesn't seem to matter if you select include toolbox items or not. When I open the file (still on a computer that has enterprise PDM but is not logged in) it comes up with the following error.


It says you haven't logged into the vault. This come up even if you are in Work offline mode. sometimes when you open it instead of just this message the PDM login comes up repeatedly over and over and if you click Work Offline for every single file in the assembly it will come up, eventually.


Any thoughts on how to solve this? either to remove the enterprise links from the files or to get it to work in offline mode?

I have already tried 3 times with contacting the VAR about this and each time got nowhere.