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Multiple layers on external edges on part in drawing

Question asked by Dennis Schuette on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2020 by Glenn Schroeder

Does anyone know if you can set multiple edges of a single part to two different layers? Example being, we have a "CUT" layer which would be the external edges of the part and the we have a "PIERCE" layer for holes that we just want to pierce the location and not cut the complete holes size. Which will then be drilled  at a later point. The drawing will then be exported to a DWG which will use those layers.


From what I can see, you can change the edge to a certain layer which then changes every edge to that same layer. I am not able to have multiple. In the image I want the perimeter to be on a "CUT" layer and the holes to a "PIERCE" layer.



Has anyone been able to do this? If so, please share!