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Anyone out there using an HP T520 24" plotter

Question asked by Kevin Harms on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Craig Schultz

My company purchased an HP T520 24" plotter.   I have been unable to print out landscape 22 X 34" drawings from Solidworks 2016, because it keeps trying to print the 34" edge first rather than the 22" edge.   I don't want to have to rotate all my 22 X 34" drawings to portrait to print, or have to save them as another format to print.  I want to print directly from SW.  Anyone out there have one of these and were able to solve this issue?   I think I need to be able to turn on auto rotate, but mu IS department has the dialog box locked down.  I'd like to get some feedback on this before I approach them with this issue.   I was not consulted on the purchase of this plotter.