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Mates breaking down????

Question asked by Dave Bear on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by Sergio Monti

Hi all,

I'm currently trying to add two new sub-assemblies to my main assembly but when I do it seems that nearly all of the mates in the sub-assemblies that the newly inserted sub-assemblies will be mated to break down and give me 'red-errors'. The existing sub-assemblies are fine prior to the new insertions but the frustrating part is that these have a lot of 'working' parts in them and these are the mates that are breaking down as well as others.


The newly inserted sub-assemblies are NOT mated to any of the working parts of the existing sub-assemblies and they are only mated by basic flange to flange so why is this corrupting things in the way that it is and how can it be prevented?


Regards Dave.