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    Assembly that will not open until all sub assemblies are open

    Casey Norris

      I have an assembly file that will only open if you open the sub assembly files independently first. If you try to only open the main assembly you get a "Solidworks has encountered an error" error with no other helpful information. This means I have to open 5 separate sub assemblies then open the main assembly. The funny thing is it only happens on some of our computers and we can not figure out the missing link. After it throws the error everything is frozen and you have to terminate Solidworks, EPDM, and all associated processes before anything else will work correctly. It even prevents us from capturing the Solidworks RX to record the problem and logs. Our VAR is just as stumped as we are. Using Solidworks 2016 sp2 & EPDM.

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          Logan Pegler

          Hi Casey,


          The fact it will open when the subassemblies are loaded into RAM suggests that perhaps the file references stream of the top level assembly is corrupted.

          1. Try go to file > open

          2. Select the file in question 

          3. Change the configurations to advanced

          4. Open file

          5. A dialog will open up, choose to create a new configuration showing assembly structure only

          6. Try unsuppress the files.

          If you can get this far you might identify a problem in which you can do a replace component on.

          Otherwise you should try restore a backup of the top level assembly.