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    Accessing models from a remote server

      My company is starting up a remote office. We are trying to figure out the best way to open large assemblies on a server at another location. Our budget is not going to allow us to purchase PDMworks Enterprise, which would probably solve all our problems. Has anyone came across an alternate method ?

        • Accessing models from a remote server
          Paul McGarr
          Assuming there will be a windows server somewhere in the mix, how about PDMWorks Workgroup? The only other alternative is to copy the files locally, work on them, and put them back. The problem with this is that it gets really tough to manage file associations.

          Cost's you nothing assuming you have SolidWorks Pro.
            • Accessing models from a remote server
              Jason Ebersole
              There is a file replication service built into Windows Server 2003 & higher. You would at least have to install a server at remote location. There are inherit issues in a collaborative environment using this service that a real PDM avoids by using a database as a conduit to the files.

              Use WServer file replication with caution!