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Drawing won't save

Question asked by John Berghuijs on Dec 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Dmitry Ofitserov

If figured this out after reading some other posts and thought that this may also help some others.

I have a drawing with a lot of sheets showing manufacturing details.

I use the "replace part/model" a lot. I use this for different variations of a common assembly model.

(I could probably use configurations instead, but find this method more straight forward)

I also copy drawing sheets and replace the existing model with a new one to save time.


Anyways, my issue was that my drawing revisions were not being saved.

I "save" a lot during the day and no errors are reported.

It is not until I want to go home, that I find out that the drawing will not close.

Several times I ended up losing my modifications.


This morning I pulled up the 3 new drawing sheets I created and deleted the "section views"

Then I was able to finally close the drawing and save the changes.

Then I opened drawing again and recreated the sections, as I had them before.


Good luck.