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    Drawing won't save

    John Berghuijs

      If figured this out after reading some other posts and thought that this may also help some others.

      I have a drawing with a lot of sheets showing manufacturing details.

      I use the "replace part/model" a lot. I use this for different variations of a common assembly model.

      (I could probably use configurations instead, but find this method more straight forward)

      I also copy drawing sheets and replace the existing model with a new one to save time.


      Anyways, my issue was that my drawing revisions were not being saved.

      I "save" a lot during the day and no errors are reported.

      It is not until I want to go home, that I find out that the drawing will not close.

      Several times I ended up losing my modifications.


      This morning I pulled up the 3 new drawing sheets I created and deleted the "section views"

      Then I was able to finally close the drawing and save the changes.

      Then I opened drawing again and recreated the sections, as I had them before.


      Good luck.