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Extremely poor performance on new install

Question asked by Sam S. on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by Sam S.

Hi everyone,


I recently built a gaming computer and installed 2016 on it. However, I'm getting really poor performance in Solidworks all around. When working with parts, there is always a slight delay after mouse or keyboard inputs. For example, if I place a smart dimension in a sketch and type in a value, there will be a half second delay before the box pops up and shows the animation of the numbers being typed in. It's still usable, but annoying and enough to slow me down.


When I'm working with assemblies, performance degrades very quickly as the assembly size increases. A small assembly for me is about 20-30 parts, and a large assembly is around 500 max. Small assemblies will start to have complex features "block out" when rotating the view, and slower zooming and general animation. Large assemblies are absolutely unusable. All animations are extremely slow and choppy, and the interface hangs often.


Today I downloaded a simple model of a wire rope and tried to run a static simulation on it. Selecting the 50 circular end faces of each strand, it took about a minute for the animation of each face being selected and turning blue, one at a time, to complete, after I had finished clicking.


I have no idea what could be causing it to run so poorly, there's no abnormal ram, cpu, or gpu usage indicated during these operations, and it's a clean install of Windows and Solidworks.  I'll list my system specs for the record:



GTX 970

16G ram



I will note that I'm using Windows Server 2016 (I get a free license for it from my university), but it's basically Windows 10 and it's worked perfectly as a desktop OS otherwise. I know that the GeForce isn't technically a supported GPU, but it should still be more than enough power for these purposes. One of our lab computers is using an old AMD HD4550 and runs the same files miles better than my computer.


Any input is greatly appreciated!