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explorer.exe resources black hole

Question asked by Kristopher Hop on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2019 by Alan Metcalfe

I keep a windows explorer,  or two open when I work to access EPDM, and I've noticed that my SW performance problems have been because the GDI Objects, and the VRAM was set pretty low. I have now bumped the GDI up to around 30,000. Even after this my computer is having difficulties keeping Solidworks going because the explorer.exe is using 18,000-20,000 GDI objects, and upwards of 1,316,104 k worth of memory with only one window ope sitting idle doing nothing.

What could be causing this the computer is less than a year old I'm running Windows 10, SW 2017, everything is up to date, I scanned the computer a couple of times, no funny viruses or anything like that.