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    Showing fits as limits

    Kevin Zhang

      ASME Y14.5M suggests the following ways to show fits:


      Does Solidworks have any facility to show fits in they a or b style? The "fit with tolerance" style will often generate ++ or -- tolerances, which can be confusing.

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          Dan Pihlaja

          What I do is select the fit that I want, and then switch it to Limit tolerance (this keeps the fit tolerances).  Then if I need to, I add the fit lettering (normally I don't since we never use that lettering anyway).


          But to answer your question, not in the "as installed" version of Solidworks.   Now, some enterprising fellow (or fellowess?)might be able to tell you how to modify the hole callout.  I think that it can be done using the following method:



          Copy/paste from link:

          To manually define derived hole callout standards:

          1. Edit the file calloutformat.txt or calloutformat_2.txt located in installation directory \solidworks\lang\<language>\.
          2. Copy and paste the content for ANSI (or any default standard) to a new section in the text file.
          3. Using only upper case letters, rename the standard name to your required derived hole callout standard.
          4. Save the file as calloutformat.txt.
          Use only upper case letters to define hole callout standards.


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            Dave Laban



            I realise this is a bit of a thread grave dig, but did you ever get a solution to this?



            EDIT:  Turns out SPR 555487 exists for this ("Allow Fit tolerances to show limits instead of or in addition to bilateral values") so I guess a solution probably wasn't found.