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    Adding configuration parameters

    Sanya Shmidt

      Hello Guys!


      Can anyone point me in the right direction. I`m trying to add configuration with PROMOTE option chosen. So far I have:


         Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks

         Dim swModel As ModelDoc2

         Dim config As Configuration

         Dim swConfMgr As SldWorks.ConfigurationManager


         swApp = GetObject(, "SldWorks.Application")

         swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc


         ' Adding configurations "DRAWINGS"

         swConfMgr = swModel.ConfigurationManager

         config = swConfMgr.AddConfiguration("DRAWINGS", "Comment", swModel.GetTitle, swConfigurationOptions2_e.swConfigOption_DoDisolveInBOM , "", "Desc")


      according to API help you have to use : swConfigOption_DoDisolveInBOM


      But it doesn`t do anything. It still shows as




      Any ideas why?


      Thank you.