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Can't Add Non-Modeled Parts to BOM in Drawing

Question asked by Kevin Kappes on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Daen Hendrickson

For the longest time, our drawing/assembly practice has been to model the assemblies, but not worry about artwork or things like tape.  When we got to the assembly drawing, we'd have Solidworks load the BOM table, and then add rows and entries to add in these non-modeled parts (since we'd just trace their profile on the drawing or not have a visible way of showing them, such as loctite on tube fittings).  Since updating to 2017 (though it may be unrelated), we've been unable to do this.  While I can freely edit the item no, description, and quantity, the part number cell reverts to blank after any edit.  I'm sure we've never had to do anything special or tricky in the past for this, or that it at most gave the popup about breaking links before allowing us to make the edit.  Am I missing something stupid?  The BOM table I'm editing already has 20+ entries added this way in the past, and none of them had any issues (though any attempts to edit them now results in them blanking out as well.)  Is this something that changed in 2017?  Is there a workaround to add this?  The only other option I see is manually building these tables.