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    2017 SP1.0 slow to do anything.

    S. Casale

      Finally we installed SW 2017 SP1.0 and PDM... without issues.


      I am dimensioning an assembly that is very small and notice that it takes almost 1 second from selecting the dimension command before the dialog opens to actually place a dimension.


      It takes almost 10 seconds to load the options dialog to any file.


      Anything takes long to recognize selection.


      Performance is set real low, image quality is set to real low...



      I'm a little annoyed.

      Any suggestions?

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          Dennis Dohogne

          S. Casale, try looking at this.  https://forum.solidworks.com/message/703013#comment-703013


          My new install of 2017 was intolerably slow until I tried the suggestions of Jeremy Yee and Kevin Moss

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              Ryan McVay

              Dennis Dohogne I appreciated the information back to a work around. I'm not also one to accept the fact that I will need to go around to 20+ workstations and do a bunch of registry key edits to get a blasted piece of software to work. ...sorry...I'm grumpy today..but these types of issues should not be occurring when you purchase a software that costs $7,000 plus paying maintenance. This might be acceptable for shareware but not for professional level software.


              Every time I see an issue these days the "work around" is always a registry hack. I would like to see resolutions not work arounds. You can't build a responsible engineering/design strategy that starts to integrate to PLM/PDM or other systems with a system that relies on registry hacks to solve problems or work arounds. You need sound software that works the way it was sold to work and how you pay for it to work. GRRRR..stepping off my soap box now..