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Time to vote for your favs

Question asked by Matthew Lorono Employee on Dec 20, 2016
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Voting is now open for the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Top Ten List !  Even if you didn't submit an idea or cannot attend SOLIDWORKS World, you can still be heard via the power of your vote.  Voting began on Dec 16, and continues to Jan 20, 2017.  Of course, results will be announced at SOLIDWORKS World 2017.  There's a lot of great ideas.  Feel free to leave comments for the ideas you like or those that lead you to have questions.  Bookmark your favorite ideas so you return to find them quickly


Some interesting categories:



Sheet Metal

User Interface



Important dates:

December 15, 2016 – Final day for new idea submissions

December 16, 2016 – Voting on all ideas begins

January 20, 2017 – Voting ends

February 5-8, 2017 – SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 in Los Angeles