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    Import of view in drawing to EXCEL

    Radek Pilar

      Hi all,

      we are trying to connect sheet in drawing (SW 2016) to microsoft excel 2016 and then display it and print it in HIGH quality.


      1.We finally made it susseccfully.Found function ...INSERT > Object >Link from folder > and then i connected it to .SLDDRW

      Excel made object = picture which is connected to SW. When i change something in SW, it also change in Excel... so first step we already done.


      2. When we want print the file from EXCEL, circles are in very low details. Circels arent even circles but just a lots of lines which sometimes even dont make the circle.

      and we have no idea how to fix this problem.


      - aspect ratio of picture is locked, but i think it doesnt work correctly because it shows different size of paper format


      Any ideas?

      Thank you!


      btw, if someone here is from Czech republic, you can write in czech

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          John Stoltzfus

          Picture pixels are going to show, however you can try to save it as a different format... .tif or .ai or try this;  enlarge the image as much as you can and do a save as jpeg, but change the dpi settings, then when you paste the picture in excel, reduce the size to fit your needs.

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              Radek Pilar

              Well yes, that way it would be possible if we would save it in jpg,tif or anything like that.

              But we need to have it connected through the drawing. So if we change anything in drawing its gonna change in excel also, If it will not be like that, we have to save picture to jpg > insert it to excel and then move the picture to right position etc..its long process when we need to do it with hundred of times

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                  Chris Dordoni



                  Your example image resembles the appearance of a WMF image. If you are using OLE, the drawing should open in its native format, so I am bit confused how it would be converted to WMF.

                  Since it appears that you are linking to a native SolidWorks drawing, there may be some issues from that.


                  If possible, as John suggests, try using a bitmap image image with higher resolution. However, that image would have to be updated any time there is a change to the drawing, so maybe you would need some kind of script that exports every time the drawing is changed?