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Import of view in drawing to EXCEL

Question asked by Radek Pilar on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by Radek Pilar

Hi all,

we are trying to connect sheet in drawing (SW 2016) to microsoft excel 2016 and then display it and print it in HIGH quality.


1.We finally made it susseccfully.Found function ...INSERT > Object >Link from folder > and then i connected it to .SLDDRW

Excel made object = picture which is connected to SW. When i change something in SW, it also change in Excel... so first step we already done.


2. When we want print the file from EXCEL, circles are in very low details. Circels arent even circles but just a lots of lines which sometimes even dont make the circle.

and we have no idea how to fix this problem.


- aspect ratio of picture is locked, but i think it doesnt work correctly because it shows different size of paper format


Any ideas?

Thank you!


btw, if someone here is from Czech republic, you can write in czech