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    is there a way to get smart dimensions and imported model; items to snap properly together?

    Eric Hoffmann

      I often have to use a combinations of model items and smart dimensions on my drawings.

      I prefer the power of the model items, and usually set up my models with the intent of using a majority of them on the drawing.  However, there's always the occasional smart dimension required.  Now, I don't know if its a box somewhere that we need to change, or something about our templates, but is always seems that these 2 dimension forms don't play together properly. Smart dimensions will snap align with other smart dimensions, and model items to model item works fine.  But if I mix them, the dimension line of the smart dimension snaps to the middle of the text of the model item.  (see attachment)


      Is there any way to change this behavior besides selecting both dimensions and using "align bottom"?