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Is anyone else annoyed with sketch dimensions

Question asked by Bill Beam on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Rick Becker

I don't like the way solidworks 2016 trys to pre-dimension selected items in a sketch.  Lets say I'm cutting 2 holes in a block.  I just selected both holes and made them equal to each other.  Since both holes are still selected when I activate the dimension tool solidworks automatically sets the distance between the holes.  Now I don't want to know the dimension between the holes I want to set the dimension from the edge of the block.  So now I have to hit escape to de-select the holes and then reactivate the dimension tool.  I have just changed over from 2013 and with that version everything would automatically deselect and you could start dimensioning anyway you wanted to.  Is there a way to have the dimension tool deselect everything when activated?