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Save drawing as PDF with prompt for addition to file name in a sub-folder of current documents folder

Question asked by Andreas Morch Hildershavn on Dec 20, 2016



I have a random drawing in C:\workfolder\project A\ drawing1.slddrw or in folder C:\workfolder\project B\drawing2.slddrw

and I would like to have a macro that Saves as PDF to following folder currentfolder\PDF DWG\drawing1.pdf  which is the same as C:\workfolder\project A\PDF\drawing1.pdf  for drawing1. For drawing2 it would be C:\workfolder\project B\PDF DWG\drawing2.pdf


It is important that in the case the subfolder does not exist it must be created.


In addition to this I would like to be prompted for extra file name information for example: Prompt: "Please type revision" --> I then type something like "preliminary" or "01". This in turn saves pdf with file name drawing1 rev preliminary.pdf or drawing1 rev 01.pdf.


Could someone please help me with creating this macro. I have tried searching the net, but I only seem to find these functions separately, and with my limited (read: none) macro experience I am not able to combine these into something useful.