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SolidWorks World 2017 - registration for non user guests.

Question asked by Richard Cook on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2017 by Richard Cook

I guess this is just a complaint.  I have attended SolidWorks World for many years.

This year my wife asked if she could come along.

Ok,  so I look at pricing.  Exhibit hall only pass $250 (includes general sessions).

To attend the special event add $150.

So the registration site did not allow me to add the special event to exhibit hall only registration. 

Now that may be a temporary problem, with the site.. will will see.  At this point she is only registered for exhibit hall.

So now I"m told that the exhibit hall pass does not get you into the sunday welcome event in the exhibit hall.

I really have to wonder about that logic.   

Are they worried that she might consume $10.00 of food and drink while looking around on Sunday? 

Anyone have a good explanation?