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Simulation Issues "The iterative solver has stopped, issues with contacts"

Question asked by Nicholas Cassidy on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Seckin Uslu

So I have been attempting to run a simulation for a pressure vessel with a frame.  I ran two separate studies first to get the mesh and results correct for the pressure vessel and the frame.  I went to combine the two and initially ran into some meshing issues, but ended up fixing it with making 2 mesh controls instead of applying mesh controls to the items that didn't work as a whole assembly. I am now trying to run the simulation, but i get an error message that reads



I got this message when I attempted to do the simulation on the frame when i realized there were issues with my contacts (global contacts).  I was able to fix this issue and run the simulation on the frame, but I cannot seem to solve the issue on the assembly.  I set both of my sub assemblies to flexible as well. There is a 10,200 kg force of distributed mass on the inside surface of the pressure vessel. Gravity is defined. The base of the frame is set as fixed geometry as well as the bolt holes on the tank feet.