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Reload Sheet Formats...Odd question.

Question asked by Cad Admin on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Cad Admin

I have a macro that i use to reload sheet formats.  I want to include updating "old" outdated versions to new ones. Most of the OLD versions do not exist, and even in the original locations don't exist anymore (even basic reload fails)




The macro GetTemplateName returns: \\svr-sec1\data\mechanical_standards\standards\title blocks\d size.slddrt


the server, & in some cases file, no longer exist....


Is there a way to tell it that if the old template is "d size.slddrt"   to replace it with the new known template... D Size-EPDM.slddrt


I have a list of about 30 or so old forms we would update to about 6...


I believe what is killing me is the added "path" from the GetTemplateName


Fishing for thoughts...  possible way to strip it down to just the template name without file path?