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Solidworks 2016, change a SINGLE dimension to be a fraction.

Question asked by Dennis Parr on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Doug Seibel

Pre 2016 I remember being able to set the default tolerance in Document Properties -> UNITS to both decimal (i.e. .123) and fractional (i.e. 1/32). Then when placing a dimension, is you change the Tolerance/Precision you got not only decimal values but fractional values. Choose the fraction and the single dimension would change to a fraction. For example, when calling out a keyway in a shaft it is not uncommon annotate it as "STD. 5/16 KEYWAY". I can place this as a note, but I'd like to have a dimension that is linked to the model AND be able to show it as a fraction so if I change the width of the keyway my fractional dimension will update. In 2016 if I set the Document Properties -> UNITS default to a fractional value, decimal changes to NONE. Set a decimal value and the fractional value goes away. I can't have both. I know in previous versions you could do this. What programmer decided that we can't have a mix of decimal and fractional dimensions on our drawings obviously hasn't worked in a functioning tool shop environment.