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Creating a cylindrical mesh frame: 'wrap-emboss sketch' or 'shell faces'

Question asked by Brandon Borja on Dec 19, 2016

I'm trying to take my sketch (sketch2) and create a cylindrical frame with a thickness of 0.05mm. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? I think I've gotten most of the way.


My first strategy was to use the wrap feature and emboss the sketch 0.05mm, then cut extrude through the existing cylinder, thus leaving a thin walled frame. The result however was the embossing of the wrong contour - a large face as opposed to the mesh-type contour. Is there a way to select which contour to emboss?


I moved on to scribe the sketch onto the cylinder which led me to my next strategy - using the shell feature to remove the large faces leaving only the mesh. I am able to do this for most of the component, however, when I try to shell the remaining faces I get this error: 'The shell operation failed to complete. One of the faces may offset into an adjacent face, a small face may need to be eliminated, or one of the faces may have a radius of curvature which is smaller than the shell thickness.'


I hope I've described my objective and my problem sufficiently. The file should help demonstrate what I'm trying to accomplish.