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How to create a fillet weld around a boss which is at an angle to the mounting plate

Question asked by Mark Guest on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Ned Hutchinson

Anyone know how to put a fillet weld around a boss that protrudes from a mounting plate, where the boss is not perpendicular to the mounting plate.  So at one side the weld will form an acute angle, whilst at 180 degrees around the boss the weld will be at an obtuse angle with the angle varying in between these two positions.  The problems I am having is that if I try and sketch through a cross section of the boss, I cannot constrain the leg of the weld triangle to the boss as it is a round surface and not a flat surface.  So I haven't even gotten the point of attempting the swept boss feature.


I want to keep the welds (not merge them) as a separate feature to the actual fabrication so that we can turn them on and off from the model.