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    PDM Hidden files

    Antonio Cavka

      Hi all,

      we have problems with files that are on PDM,  they are hidden and we can not delete them.

      One folder was created by copying files on PDM and it was empty when it was copied.

      second folder was created by our laser(when we create laser icons he makes a config folder that is empty).

      I get administrator permissions.

      How can i get rid of those folders or how can i see what is in there that makes me trouble.?




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          Torsten Pasler

          Hello Antonio,

          you should search in the customer portal for S-028962 or contact your VAR to support you in such a case.

          Indeed it is a known issue that the (E)PDM database still knows some lost/hidden files that normally should be deleted.

          You should check some other things in advance, show all files, permissions per folder and status, see below..

          The excerpt from knowledge base here. You still need to download the mentioned SQL queries or report files from the KB.

          Regards, Torsten



          What could cause the warning "folder contains hidden files you may not delete" to show when trying to destroy a folder in SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM?


          The warning "folder contains hidden files you may not delete" will show when the logged in user that is destroying the folder is lacking read permission to some of the files contained within the folder that is being destroyed.  It is most likely files in a particular workflow state - or files that have been added but not yet checked in (i.e. in users "private state") by another user causing the warning to appear.


          Add appropriate read permissions and attempt the destroy operation again.


          For troubleshooting purposes, it is recommended that you try the delete operation logged in as "Admin" and that Admin is given FULL permissions to all folders and workflow states.


          If you are having trouble locating what files prevents the deletion of seemingly empty folder - use attached SQL script "ShowAllFilesUnderSpecifiedFolder_v2.sql". Update with path to folder you are trying to delete (enclose with quotes as in example).  Then try to find out which permissions are missing if it lists files in the result set.


          You could also use the attached Enterprise PDM report: "ShowAllFilesUnderSpecifiedFolder_v2.crp" in the report generator.


          In some cases, the delete could be prevented because of "orphaned" document records still linked to the folder in the database - the script should detect this and show a warning. If the warning is shown:

          1. 1. Try adding a new text file temporarily to the folder that fails deleting. This will trigger an orphan record cleanup process and should then allow deleting the folder.
          2. 2. If adding the file does not help, run attached "CleanupOrphanDoc80.sql" to try to remove such records. (SPR 706770)