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I want to start a new user group in my area

Question asked by Chris Littleford on Nov 19, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2008 by John Matrishon
I am interested in starting a user group in the North-East Pennsylvania, North New Jersey, South-East New York tri-state area. I have a few questions regarding start-up of a new group. First of all, I am not sure who to contact. The website says that Rob Rodriguez handles the eastern area, but the Start-Up pdf document gives Mark Semmel as the contact.

Also, because of the tri-state area simple abbreviations will not work for a name (NEPANJSNY-SWUG: looks like a new alphabet).

If I register a new SWUG on the Add/Change section, can I change the name when the group votes for a name (I would like to leave it up to the group to pick a name)?

Can a list of resellers that cover this tri-state area be provided so that I can contact them for support or do I need to hunt them down myself?

I'm sure I'll have lots more questions, but those will get me started.