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Thoughts on my dodgy surfacing please...

Question asked by David Maddison on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by Paul Salvador

Hi, I’m trying to make a lion’s head with surfaces...


Have just started making it and I am new to surfaces, so I bet I’m making some obvious mistakes...


The problem is that it’s making a step / ridge at the surface joints.

Here’s the curvature and a very quick render to show the problem....





So am trying to connect the mane and the forehead with smoothly joined surfaces.





I think I could have used 'Lofted Surfaces' and / or 'Boundary Surfaces', but chose ‘Boundary Surfaces’ as it seemed to offer more options for Start-End Constraints. I did try 'Lofted Surfaces' first.


Here’s what I have tried / done:


- Made the defining ‘3D Sketches’ from ‘Convert Entities’ of ‘Intersection Curves’ so that the endpoints have proper relations.


- ‘Split-Line’ the two surfaces to be connected a few times to make more edges, so that it could be made up of less individual surfaces  - to simplify each feature.


- Made the sketches (to be used as boundary sketches or guide curves, depending if it’s Boundary Surface or Lofted surface) have sketch relations tangent to the next face but doing the thing where you hold 'Ctrl' and click the spline + the edge + the surface.


- Tried different tangency influence magnitude of the adjacent surfaces of the ‘Boundary Surface’


I've attached the part below (2013 version), so I hope someone might be able to spot where I'm going wrong please.


As I say, am a novice at surfaces so I bet it's a simple problem.  :-)


Thanks so much!!