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    Is bump displacement working properly?

    Marios Pazaitis

      Capture 02.JPGCapture 01.JPG

      On a plane surface I used the cobblestones material which by default has bump displacement checked. As a result the whole plane moves forward instead of creating a 3d shape. When unchecked (2nd picture) the place moves back.

      Also I find that colour textures are always blended. You'll have to turn the colour all white so it doesn't blend with the texture.

      Does anyone else experience this?

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          Heiko Sohnholz

          Hello Marios,

          cobblestone is an SOLIDWORKS material right? Can't find it in the Visualize content library...

          So i build my own cobblestone an tried out some things. I had a look at a Viz material, e.g. Diamond Mesh. As you can see, Viz is using a different color theme for the displacement. So i created my own cobblestone bump map in magenta and turquoise - an this is working. Tested in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2017SP0.


          I've made a few more tests and found the same behavior you have described. This is happening, when the "treat as normal map" is unchecked. If you check this, and then "bump displacement" everything works fine and the "jump" has gone.


          Another test with some Aluminium appearance in combination with cobblestone bump map will give proper results even it is greyscale instead of colored. But again "treat as normal map" has to be checked.


          Greetings from Germany,

          and Merry Christmas,


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            Marcus Olsson

            If you created a plane in Visualize, it only has 2 polygons, and as such cannot be displaced. You need a great number of polygons for the displacement algorithm to work. On that wall, I'm guessing 10.000 or more.




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                Heiko Sohnholz

                Hello Marcus,

                of course, you're right. I created a complex plane wich has by default 5000 polygons. When i activate displacement, i'm able to see the effect. Even with a very simple map ("Mesh") the polygons are visible. And the difference between displacement / or not is clearly visible too. The question now is: How to get a higher resolution of the plane?!



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                Marios Pazaitis



                Back in Bunkspeed I was able to create the image above with a simple 2 polygon plane (default plane geometry) and the displacement was quite smooth.

                If this has changed in Visualize I think Heiko is right, we should be able to adjust the polygon count on a surface (within Visualize) to get the desired results.

                There is a video somewhere with a car on a surface applying the cobblestone material and shows how it was done. If I find it I'll post that too...



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                    Stuart Wortley

                    Hi Guys,


                    I am having the same issue, I can not get any displacement maps to work, be it SW ones, homemade or the default visualise maps.  just to make sure I am not going mad, I quickly put this tyre texture on a simple block in SW and rendered in PV360 and I am getting proper displacement of the texture. (see pic)  then exported the same model into Viz and just have a flat block with a face missing (whole face is displaced somewhere)

                    pv360 tyre.JPG

                    I then added a whole new material to the face and the vertical stripes texture (Viz's own texture) and it will not displace.  I have tried all the available options, inverting the bump, treat as normal map, bump displacement and every variation of all 3.  checked texture mapping  and tried UV, planer, box, etc. but it just does not want to displace.


                    I have tried this in 2017 sp0 and sp1, pretty sure I am not doing anything wrong?


                    cheers everyone