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PDM Standard 2017 not accessible from client machines

Question asked by Omer Kilic on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by Omer Kilic

Hi folks,


Trying to set up PDM Standard and while it appears to work fine locally, I can not access it from any other machine within the same network.


PDM Server resides at X.X.X.211 (hostname pdmserver) and the client in question is X.X.X.56 (cad1). When I run the PDM Administration tool on pdmserver, I can connect to the vault and everything appears to work fine. Screenshot below:

cad1 can ping pdmserver just fine and we can access other network services running on that machine. The firewalls on both machines are disabled as we conduct these tests.

Running the PDM Administration tool on cad1 using the default port 3030 and IP address for pdmserver results in the following error message:



I have followed the instructions for "Configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM to Communicate Using IP Addresses Only" described in the PDM Installation Guide and tweaked both the Archive Server and the SQL server with the required changes.


After scratching my head for a bit and going back to basics, I performed a port scan on pdmserver and realised that the port 3030 is not actually visible from outside that box even though locally it is active and I can see connections to it when I run the PDM Admin tool locally:


At this point I am convinced that I am missing something fundamental here and I can not seem to find an answer through the Installation Guide and Google.


Any idea how I might be able to fix this issue?