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    Ensuring newly inserted assemblies are top level ????

    Dave Bear

      Hi all,

      I am modelling a V12 engine and the scenario is this :-

      I have my main assembly which is the cylinder block and everything else is built around this.

      Many components have been added to the main assembly thus far but most of them are static apart from the crankshaft, conrods and piston assemblies.All of which work fine.


      I am now ready to add my two cylinder heads however, and due to the massive number of moving parts (all flexible) within these heads it has been mentioned to me more than once that I should make these top-level or as close to as possible within the main assembly. I am not exactly sure how I go about doing this. Do I simply insert these two components and then move them up the Feature Tree? Can I roll up the Feature Tree and then insert them? Or am I not understanding this at all?


      Any clarification appreciated.



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          John Stoltzfus

          Do the cylinder heads have additional items that get attached to them? Bolted etc


          Top meaning you have one main Assembly, next level would be a sub-assembly inserted into the Top Main Assembly etc...


          Rule of thumb that I like to use is this, anything that is welded together is a Sub-Assembly, anything that can be bolted together as one unit can be a Sub-Assembly and so forth... Normally my Top assembly has very little single components that are not in a Sub-Assembly...


          Just a stab at your Engine


          Main Assembly = All the components required for it to run


          An example for a sub-assembly =


          Cam Rod Sub-Assembly =


          Cam, Rod, Bearings, Rings, Piston etc... (I have no idea what else would be included or eliminated)


          Carburetor Sub-Assembly =


          All the components for a complete unit, after assembly this Sub-Assembly would be ready to bolt on the engine block


          Water Pump Sub-Assembly =


          All the components for a complete unit...........


          So, my guess off the top of my head, when opening the main assembly, your feature tree would only have sub-assemblies and very very little other parts.  Also, most companies will setup their main and sub-assemblies on how the units are sold, when you buy a carburetor kit, what comes with it and so forth.....


          Have fun