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Macro to export each part in file folder to .dxf file automatically with one click of button? (simple single part)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 16, 2016
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Good morning All,

On certain jobs that I work on, the only thing needed to get parts out to shop and burned is to quickly sketch them in SW, then export each part to dxf format in order to be imported into my burning software.  These parts are usually simple 2d parts that I extruded in order to save.  I normally just open each and every part file up, right click on the part and export each to create a dxf file of it.   For the job I'm working on right now, there are 27 parts and wondering if for the future there is a quicker way by use of a macro to export all of them at one shot by clicking a macro button.  I'm not familiar with creating complex macros (only have done simple ones in past) and not sure if this procedure could even be accomplished in one step.  Any comments / ideas are appreciated.  I have a few snips below.  Thanks in advance.




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