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    Make a picture stay at back

    Peter De Vlieger

      For one of the template that we have to use for a sister company the logo is a picture.  The issue we have with it is that because of the size of the logo and how everything is situated a bit of text keeps ending up behind the logo.


      Now we can rectify that by :

      - edit sheet

      - selecting image

      - RMB and selecting the command 'send to back'


      The issue I have is that even saving it as the sheet format template doesn't help because as soon as load that sheet format the image will again overlap the text and I can do it all over again.


      I have experimented with making the offending area in the image transparent but then the problem arises that the quality of the image gets degraded so much that the logo doesn't only look horrendous on screen but even awful on paper (or in a PDF)


      There for my question, does anyone know of a way to have a picture stay in the background or does anyone know of a macro that would do that push to back with less manual steps?

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          John Stoltzfus

          Our logo is a transparent Jpeg, and I would suggest going that route if you can, there is a picture format that does that and right off the top is skipped my mind...


          Did you save your template file and if you did does it act the same way??

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              Peter De Vlieger



              I tried GIF as well as PNG ( for the native transparency) but both yielded very poor quality in comparison to what I have at the moment.

              One can indeed use JPG and then by using the option of user defined transparency get the background of the picture to disappear


              This too gives us a visual very poor result.

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              Peter De Vlieger

              I have tried the "Sketch Picture" command

              And yes that should work and do exactly what I wanted wasn't it for the fact that any way that brings a picture into the drawing other then copy/paste ends up making the picture look much worse on screen and even far worse when printed.



              This is by bringing in the picture with the copy/paste method when printed as PDF (and yes my template file is still less then 120kB)

              And this is by bringing in the same picture with the 'Sketch Picture" command and printed as PDF

              You can notice that in the second example the top right corner shows "IPE" while the first one doesn't, that is the issue I have to manually correct every time, bringing that text to the forefront. However when you look at the clear difference in quality of the two logo's there's no denying that the second one looks bad.

              Even if I try it with the original high DPI image I still get this crappy result, and it increases my template file size up on top of it.


              Any suggestions, anyone ?

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                Dave Bear

                Hi Peter,

                Have you spoken to Mr. Macro Deepak Gupta to see if he knows of a macro to push things to the back?