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    Exporting Solidworks File to CNC

    Tyler Morgan
      This is my first post on this forum however I'm not sure whether this is the correct area for this type of question.

      I've seen LOTS of talk all over the internet concerning the difficulty of exporting a SW file to something usable on a CNC Laser (like a DXF). I've currently got a control arm for long travel desert suspension drawn up that consists of something like 50 small, fairly simple shaped pieces.

      Most of my parts I've designed before this were small enough that I would just re-draw each sketch in AutoCAD after I found a design that works. This would take forever to do this for all 50 small plates so I'm trying to figure out another way. Currently using Solidworks 2009.

      What I have done so far:
      1) Use the "Split" function to save each separate body (plate) into it's own SW file.

      From here, I've tried two separate routes of getting these into a DXF and neither is user friendly:

      A) Use a trial version of DXF Export and export each and every file into it's own DXF which will all need to be combined into one DXF once this is finished.

      B) Use a trial version of PDF to DXF Converter. I opened several of the individual body files and re-saved as a PDF file however the program does not work well.

      Why can't there just be a simple way to do this!!!!????

      Any held would be greatly appreciated. Here is a snapshot of the part I'm trying to split up.

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          Sivaraman Murugesan
          The split opton is the proper procedure for do this.U r doing it in a right way.Even split option wont take much time.I can suggest split option and than u can export it to some other formats.
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            What about the sheet metal options?
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              Anna Wood
              Option one, create a drawing and do a file save as to dxf.

              Option two, turn your little parts into sheet metal parts. This can be done as the last feature with an Insert Bends. Select the face you want to have your dxf file normal too, then do a File Save As to dxf.

              Not sure why you are jumping thru hoops to create dxf's. There are tools to do this in SW already.

              Post an example file zip'ed into an archive. Then we can show you how to do what you need.


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                  Tyler Morgan

                  It looks like you hit the nail on the head! If I open each of my own individual pieces and do a drawing it allows me to save it as a DXF. Perfect.

                  I will try this method for all the pieces and I will be back with any questions. Thank you very much for the help as I've never seen this feature mentioned before.
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                      Anna Wood

                      Excellent.... Glad you got that sorted. :-)

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                          lenny bucholz
                          do you have the cnc laser in house? if not you need to find out if the vender is using a cam package to generate the code to the laser or do they import the dxf file into the control.
                          if they use cam you can just send them the SW file with some control drawings and they'll make what you need...IT'S Their JOB. I'm a machinist that uses cam and SW to make parts...give me the file - tell me what you want - and you get it pack. you just have to find the right shop.

                          now for your part, you could have used the mutible body option, meaning make every plate its own body in that part file, then you can save them out for the body folder in the tree to there own file, then make drawings and dxf files or dwgs for the vender.

                          if you have any qustions here's my info

                          Lenny Bucholz
                          Machine Shop Manager
                          PN 118
                          Office: 480-965-2908
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                          Cell: 480-205-3330