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Graphics degraded since 09 install

Question asked by Harold Brunt on Nov 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2009 by Harold Brunt
I installed SW09 SP1 and OptisWorks Add-In 09 last Thursday. Yesterday I uninstalled the nVidia 9777 driver and updated to the recommended 6956 driver. The edges of the parts are not crisp as they were in 08 with the previous driver and I'm getting an occasional flicker in the part surface without the cursor being close to the part. The image quality setting is in the red (just short of having the warning pop-up come on), view/display/hlr draft quality is de-selected. The nVidia control panel setting for 6956 does not provide a SW selection so I tried to max the quality setting. SW and OW are functional but the graphics just aren't right.

Any suggestions as to what I might have missed or what I should look into would be appreciated.