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Smart Dimensions selecting hidden items in drawing

Question asked by Colleen Christie on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Adam Hartles

I am trying a new method for creating my assemblies and drawing and having some issues with smart dimensions.  I have a drawing that I am working on and trying to dimension.  It is a small building, so my base model is a part of all the wall/floor/roof structure then I have an assembly that adds in doors and windows and various other items.  I have several configurations set up to show each wall so I can create a framing drawing for that wall.  But when I select an edge of say a 2x4 to dimension, SW selects the edge of the exterior sheathing which is hidden.  Or if I have 1 long wall that I have made a cut in for an opening, selecting the top plate gives me the full length of the plate prior to the cut, not just the section that remains.  I have attached an example.  The dimensions in black are ones that I created by selecting 2 different edges, the light colored ones are by just selecting the edge.  Previously, just selecting the edge would give a dimension of the geometry displayed.  Is there a way I can change what SW is selecting?