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FX560 Display problems...

Question asked by Carl Hopwood on Nov 16, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2008 by Sean Couch
I am running SW2009 sp1 with an FX560 and dual monitors.

I have a few problems:-

The first is sketches failing to refresh. The usual chaos ensues with all kinds of crazy lines all over the place. The only way to "grab" the sketch to dimension it is to wave the cursor around like a mad man until the line shows in red and can be selected. Once dimensioned the line dissappears again.

Secondly, If I run parts or assemblies in anything other than Software GL mode a similar problem occurs in that upon rotating the model the screen image remains the same. I then go into mad mode again with the cursor and can select a surface once highlighted in red again. The screen however stays the same. this can sometimes be solved by using Window followed by New Window but this only results in delaying the problem a few seconds longer until the New Window does the same.

Thirdly and not surprisingly, I can't go anywhere near Real View as you would expect.

I am on driver, having tried which made things even worse (incidently, why are there two recommended drivers on the SW web site?)

My system is an Intel Quad core duo with 4GB ram.

I experienced none of these problems with any previous releases of SolidWorks and am at a loss as to how to resolve this.

Can anyone help me with system settings etc which I need to change?