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Best system choice?

Question asked by Gary Liptrot on Nov 15, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by Dan Buffo
Hi. I'm looking to buy a new workstation to handle complex FEA and large assemblies that my current machine simply cant handle. Im running a C2D E6600 with 2GB RAM and a Quadro FX1500.

Ive been quoted for a system incorporating a single AMD Opteron cpu on a Tyan Thunder S2915A mobo, with 8Gb PC2-5300 RAM, Quadro FX1700 and XP64.

I also have a quote for an Intel QX9650 on an Asus P5Q WS mobo, with 8GB PC2-8500 RAM and again, an FX1700 gfx card but running Vista business 64.

Which of the two similarly priced machines would you recommend I go for?