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Problem with Converting Surfaces to Sheet Metal

Question asked by Sean Callahan on Dec 15, 2016

EDIT: I've found a workaround and that it isn't an issue with the parts themselves but with the views. If I bring in one of the normal views(as bent) from the View Palette I can cut a section. However, if I bring in the Flat Pattern and then project a second view(changed to Default or as bent config) from the Flat Pattern the section in that new view fails. If I delete the Flat Pattern the section view works. If I project a third view off of the second view, then delete the second view, and create a section of the third view it works. I'm mystified why this happens. Anyhow, the below is the original content of my question and isn't really the issue at all.


EDIT 2: The properties of the empty section view show that it is trying to use the Flat Pattern config and its display state. However, when I delete the Flat Pattern(parent of projection 1) or projection 1(parent of projection 2) the section view now correctly associates with the Default(as bent) config. Somehow, even though projection 1 and 2 are changed to the Default config, sections in those views automatically attempt to be Flat Pattern sections.




Has anyone had an issue where section views of a sheet metal part are empty?


Here is the weird part:

Base Flange Feature + Edge Flange Feature(s) = Works Great
Planar Surface(s) + Face Fillets + Thicken + Convert to Sheet Metal = Works Great

Planar Surface(s) + Face Fillets + Convert to Sheet Metal = Results in Empty Section Views


I've made sure that the section line is within the correct view bounding box but have had no success. The part has a cut list and shows one solid body as well as zero surface bodies. I just find it too weird that the missing Thicken feature is the only difference between those that have successful section views and those that don't. The section works fine on the flat pattern. I'm working with Solidworks 2015 SP 5.0. Attached is an example part. I've designed ~30-50 of these parts in this fashion after realizing the Thicken was an 'unnecessary' step to creating a sheet metal part from surfaces.