PDMWE Implementation

Discussion created by 1-GRKFCQ on Nov 15, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2008 by Ross McEllhiney
I just graduated with a Mech.E degree in May 08. My company has tasked me with implementing PDMWE accross the entire company. This includes 3 locations in the same city, each with 5-10 people that will be using the software. I worked as a designer for the company for two years previous to graduation. I am very familiar with SolidWorks but not PDMWE.

I am also am expected to continue all other responsibilities (design & create prints for pumping units) while I implement this software.

Our VAR came to my location for 4 days to provid assistance in startup of the PDMWE system. This was three months ago and I have only recently finished migrating all files from windows into the system. I have a workflow in place but it is far from ideal.

As I have never even used any PDM software, much less implemented a system, what is a reasonable time frame for completion?

What would an outside source charge to do this service for us?

I don't want to tell my boss that, "I can't implement PDMWE and retain my other responsibilities" but I am feeling rather overwhelmed.