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    PDMWE Implementation

      I just graduated with a Mech.E degree in May 08. My company has tasked me with implementing PDMWE accross the entire company. This includes 3 locations in the same city, each with 5-10 people that will be using the software. I worked as a designer for the company for two years previous to graduation. I am very familiar with SolidWorks but not PDMWE.

      I am also am expected to continue all other responsibilities (design & create prints for pumping units) while I implement this software.

      Our VAR came to my location for 4 days to provid assistance in startup of the PDMWE system. This was three months ago and I have only recently finished migrating all files from windows into the system. I have a workflow in place but it is far from ideal.

      As I have never even used any PDM software, much less implemented a system, what is a reasonable time frame for completion?

      What would an outside source charge to do this service for us?

      I don't want to tell my boss that, "I can't implement PDMWE and retain my other responsibilities" but I am feeling rather overwhelmed.

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          Devon Sowell
          Hello Jeff-

          Have you asked your VAR these questions?

          If you'd like a second opinion/ consultation;

          I provide Enterprise implementation and support.

          I am a Certified Advanced Enterprise Service Provider.

          Please send me a private e-mail if you'd like information.

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            Ross McEllhiney

            We are an advanced user of PDMWE. It is not reasonable for you to do this task unassisted, You will be making decisions that will affect the way your company does business. We spent a large amount of money with a major PDMWE consulting firm two years ago and found that our business is quite different than the Consultant though. This caused us to remove all the expensive work the group did and rebuild the system to meet our needs. I would suggest your management meet with your SW Var and your company should outline the goals of this project. Then get the help required. I would highly suggest that you go see a PDMWE installation that is functioning correctly. PDMWE is a very flexible system and can be installed in as many bad ways as good. Many of the early decisions are very hard to undo, so do your best to plan the installation and your work flows and processes.