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Weld gaps & slopes

Question asked by Andy Hughes on Nov 14, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by Andy Hughes
Hi all,

A few questions for you.

1. Do you need us to provide functionality for weld gaps? A few customers have asked for this. The intent would be to shorten each end of the pipe by eg, 1-5mm depending on pipe size and weld spec. You can do this today (graphically) for piping but we would need the cut length to be adjusted to subtract the 2 weld gaps.

2. Do you need weld gaps to be shown between fittings that are connected fitting to fitting? Would it be the same gap as for pipe to fitting?

3. Would you like to record the weld spec for welds? We are thinking of a static value on the CPoint and a special BOM template that could be used to list these in the pipe drawing. Would this be sufficient?

3. How big a requirement is piping with slope?
Would you generally achieve the slope by a tapered weld or by trimming the end of the pipe?
Would you need to show this graphically or on the drawings?
Would you need to adjust the pipe lengths to allow for this end treatment?

I'd be very grateful for any info you can give as we need to make decisions to prioritise future development.

Thanks in advance,